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Sales Pros 4 Hire is your outsourced sales department. We arrange qualified appointments for business owners and help close the sale. We also provide programs to help you retain your customers year after year.

Sales Pros 4 Hire helps you:

  • Turn cold names into warm leads
  • Turn warm leads into hot prospects
  • Turn hot prospects into qualified appointments
  • Turn qualified appointments into satisfied customers
  • And then we help you keep those customers

Description of Sale Pros 4 Hire Services:
Sales Pros 4 Hire is an expert in the prospecting process and implementing the sales funnel prospect management system. We can help your company manage the prospecting process by adding more sales opportunities into the pipeline, closing sales more quickly and creating a steady revenue stream.

Busy Entrepreneurs - Sales Pros 4 Hire will take over the sales process from prospecting for new leads, to arranging qualified appointments and closing the sale, to client retention programs.

Sales Pros 4 Hire prospects for new customers taking advantage of:

  • Expanding Existing Client Sales of Additional Products Or Services
  • Converting Previous Customers to Newly Satisfied Clients
  • Networking through Lead Clubs, Chambers of Commerce, Civic or Charitable Organizations
  • Association Marketing
  • Trade Show Marketing
  • Business News Leads
  • Direct Mail and Telephone Follow-Up

Companies with a Sales Staff - We work with the management team to review the sales staff's prospecting process and implement the concept of the sales funnel to close more sales more quickly, keep the sales team motivated, and reduce the cost of sales.

Great Prospect's Sales Leads Program - This program gets your name in front of business leaders and gives you an entree into the company that you want to sell to. Instead of making a 'cold' call to a list of suspects, a letter of congratulations or introduction to a contact on the Great Prospects' list 'warms-up' the prospect and they are more likely to accept your request for an appointment. For more information, go to GreatProspectsSalesLeads.

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The Sales Funnel
Sales Pros 4 Hire teaches companies how to close sales more quickly utilizing the Sales Funnel Process. By increasing the quality of the leads that you start with, the leads pass through the Sales Funnel rapidly and become Customers.
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