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Intelligent Prospecting 

30 New Customers This Year - Are You Interested?


Exceed Your Sales Goals with Intelligent Prospecting Program


Great Prospects' Intelligent Prospecting helps you increase your sales and reach your goals by supplying the leads, coach you along the way and work with you to get your message out. You will receive 50 to 60 sales leads in your inbox every Monday morning. Our sales coaches will provide timely reminders to select the leads in your target market. We will also remind you to send out the congratulation and introduction letters to your prospects. These marketing interactions will educate your prospects about the benefits of your products or services, heighten their interest and prepare them to buy. After receiving your compelling messages, your prospects will be warm to your phone call and more agreeable to a face-to-face meeting. Six letters per week will put 300 new prospects per year into your sales funnel. With a closing ratio of 10%, you can gain 30 new customers.


Current Business Intelligence Plus Targeted Communication

with a Reason to Contact = Better Prospecting Outcomes


The Great Prospects Sales Leads program puts your name in front of business leaders who have made news and gives you a warm introduction into the company that you want to sell to. Each week you will receive 50 to 60 current, local and fresh leads of business leaders who have:

    Received a Promotion

    Been Appointed to a New Position

    Received an Award or Reached a Business Milestone.


Each name will be accompanied by all the contact information you need - company name, contact and title, telephone number, mailing address, web site and in most cases, e-mail address and their LinkedIn profile; and all with additional disposable income and increased decision-making authority from receiving a promotion or new position.


The Great Prospects Sales Leads program is available through an annual subscription of 48 issues.  We will provide you with current, local and smart leads to help you save time and increase sales. Your investment can be charged to your Visa, MasterCard or American Express account.


Intelligent Prospecting System - 30 New Customers

3000 Sales Leads, Select 300 Prospects, Gain 30 New Customers with a 10% Closing Ratio.


For more information, call Mike Hilbert at (215)860-6340 or MHilbert@Sales-SolutionsInc.com



How much is a new customer worth to you?

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