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4 Basics of Thank You Notes

Be real. Be Constant.

1. be prompt

Write a thank you note within 72 hours of the event (deal, meeting, dinner, referral, etc.). Procrastination can lead to missing the opportunity altogether.

2. be professional

Write your note on quality stationery (
or in a quality card) using your best handwriting. Consider getting note cards or stationery professionally printed. They can be imprinted with your company's name and logo, your name or monogram, or you could print them with a special picture or drawing you've created or licensed.

3. be specific and brief

Specifically identify the event for which you're thanking the individual (Thank you for arranging a meeting with your CEO, Mr. Jones). Explain how the event or gesture is meaningful to you. (Your referral will help us gain an important new customer, and exceed our business goals for the year). Try not to exceed 100 words.

4. be real

You might suggest a future business meeting, an informal lunch, or making contact at an upcoming professional event (let's grab lunch at the XYZ Conference next month). If you have an established relationship, then include a more personal note related to the event prompting the thanks. You might reference a recent personal conversation, mention an upcoming event or recommend a book you know matches the person's interests, or offer a round of golf at your club (come on out to the club with me to show off that new putter). This shows you value the relationship beyond the gesture.


Dear Tom,

Thanks for selecting ABC for XYZ Inc.'s marketing needs. I appreciate your confidence in our services and the opportunity to further develop the concepts we discussed.

I'll follow up with you in a couple weeks to get your thoughts on our team's progress.

In the meantime, please call or email if you need anything at all.


Max Pitch

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you so much for the introduction to Bob Jones at XYZ. I appreciate your confidence in our service. Referrals allow us to focus even more on service (which we love).

I'll see you at the LMN convention in New York next month. Let's make time for lunch.

Best regards,

Maxine Pitch

P.S. What a great seminar! If we can implement just one of those ideas, then we'll be on the right track.

8 Ideas Beyond the Note

Be real. Be Constant.

Keep in mind. these ideas are a starting point. Whether one is fitting depends upon your individual sales world and individual business relationships. Use your best judgment in matching the expression of gratitude, whether it's periodic or a one-time gesture, to the event and relationship. Above all, make it real and make it about them.

1. food

Whether it's a food basket, pizza, or bagels for an office, food gets noticed (and appreciated) - not only by your primary contacts, but also by their colleagues or families. The "who sent this?" question is sure to follow, giving you and your company an added mention.

2. blank-of-the-month clubs

Clubs that send a particular item (food, books, music, wine, clothing, etc.) every month are a great way to be sure your contacts are reminded of your relationship (and gratitude) at least once a month without you calling.

3. luxury time savers

Time is life's most valuable commodity. It's the only thing one can't get back. Consider a time-saving gift for your most valuable people, such as...
  • maid service (for a day or periodically)
  • car detailing (once or on a regular basis)
  • personal assistant services
  • monthly manicures
  • dry cleaning services

4. customized items

Hundreds of food, drink, and gift products can be customized with your name, message, or company logo. A couple of unique thoughts include customized M&M candies (
http://mymms.com/business) or creating your own customized gift items through CafePress.com (http://www.cafepress.com).

5. helpful resources specific to a life event or interest

Weddings, becoming a parent, buying a first home, and getting a pet all provide genuine opportunities to express interest in and gratitude toward your most important people. Ideas here might include...

  • a book, audio series, or special magazine subscription on parenting for the new mother or father
  • a subscription to a blogging service for your contacts who've always wanted to write a book
  • a bone for the new dog owner
  • a home-delivered meal for the person who's just moved into a new house
  • an online class
  • a donation to a charity in the name of your contact or your contact's business

6. hobby-related items

Hobby-related gifts ideas are almost endless given the depths a hobby can go. Find items related to your contact's known hobbies at mainstream stores, or go deeper, looking for rare finds and collectors' items at places like eBay. Tickets to hobby-related events or classes might also be appreciated (e.g., cooking, design, sports, music, etc.).

7. entertainment

Online movie memberships with Netflix or Blockbuster provide a great regular reminder of your gratitude (or just a DVD of a favorite movie mentioned). Other ideas include...

  • tickets to sporting or musical events
  • gift certificates to a local restaurant
  • iTunes gift cards
  • iPod shuffle w/ several songs preloaded
  • satellite radio unit with an annual subscription

8. real business or real leads

The holy grail. Enough said.

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