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Top Sales Producers Profile - Rick Simmons 

Profile of a Top Sales Producer

Rick Simmons of dinkium Interactive

Biographical Information


Name: Rick Simmons


Title: Partner and Chief Sales Officer


Company: dinkum Interactive


Contact Information



Education / Experience  - A brief description of your educational and sales experience.


I enjoyed the selling component of my business so I put my self through a sales training course including one and two day seminars, listened to hundred of hours of tapes and read various publications. My sales experience spans over twenty-five years primarily selling services and I like the intangible type of sales.



Success & Challenges


Tell Us Your 30 Second Commercial

Dinkum Interactive is an internet marketing company looking to drive targeted traffic to your web site. The targeted traffic is those who are likely to take action when they arrive at your site. You define the action, either purchase online, contact you or download your marketing material.


PS> I recommend you practice your 30 second commercial and have a couple of commercials for  each of your audiences.


Share A Recent Success Story

We had an opportunity with a university in Ohio to do a full range proposal for a 12 month plan. We had the university agree to pay for the hundred of hour of research necessary to generate the 12 month plan. We are delivering that 12 month plan next week which outlines the $50,000 to $60,000 internet marketing program that Dinkum will provide the university


What Are Your Current Challenges?

Bandwidth - how much of my time do I allocate to the business and allocate that time more effectively. I am the complete sales and marketing part of my company so I need to carefully allocate where I am spending my time to keep my company working.


What Are Your Goals & Aspirations?

My partner and I have shared what our individual personal goals and aspirations are and we revisit these goals every couple of months. Our goals for the company include two new divisions within the past month. One direction is to add video to our mix. The other division is Dinkum Interactive whose goal is to identify opportunities to help companies monetize their web sites by using our technologies.


Do You Have A Mentor?

Mentors are critical. I have a couple of mentors in different parts of my world. I continue to have a sale coach and consider my time with Sales & Marketing Executives International in a mentor capacity. I belong to a goal cultivation group and the members mentor each other providing support and accountability.


Are You Mentoring Someone? If so, how?

Yes, I am working with a young lady who I frequently met at networking events. We meet a couple of times a month, either by phone or just before a networking event.




What Business Material Do You Read?

  • Local / Daily Publications - I have been reading the Philadelphia Business Journal for 15 years. And I read the business section of the Philadelphia Inquirer.
  • Industry Publications- I also receive a number of daily e-zines or newsletters that are related to my industry and link to articles that are of interest to me. They help me understand the technology of my industry and how is might be useful in a marketing setting.
  • Professional Development Publications -

What Are Your Best Practices of Prospecting?

When we first started out, almost all of our business came from people that we knew. You very quickly go through that list so I do quite a bit of networking. I look for champions - people who understand what I do and can introduce me into their clients. We are in the process of doing a direct marketing piece.

We are internet marketing company so we have our own blog and we do very well in the ranking of search engines. We joined the Center City Proprietors Association and we are involved with couple of Chambers of Commerce.


Which Professional Associations Do You Belong To?

Sales and Marketing Executives International of Philadelphia (SMEI), Professional Business Network and the Center City Proprietors Association.


Which (Client) Industry Associations Do You Belong To?

PHIMA - Philadelphia Interactive Marketing Association


What is the Latest Professional/Personal Development Book You Read and Recommend?

I am a huge fan of Seth Godin including "The Dip". Others are "The Tipping Point" and "Blink".


How Do You Volunteer or Give Back?

I am very involved with a church organization and I am on the board of directors of the Sales & Marketing Executives of Philadelphia. I have recently joined the membership committee of the Center City Proprietors Association and I am looking for a non-profit board to join because we do a lot of work for non-profits as vendors and I have a lot of expertise that I think would be useful to the non-profits. I want to choose one where I can have a big impact and one that interest me.


This Is A Little Known Fact About Me!

When I turned 40, I needed something to shake up my life so I went sky diving. It was the most fun and scariest thing I have ever done in my life! I would recommend something like that for everyone. It is important in your life to take a risk; shake it up a bit.


What Should Other Top Sales Producers Do To Convince Me To Buy From Them?

I really respect somebody who has taken up sales as a profession. I want someone to ask me the questions and try to understand what my real needs are before they try to sell me. Don't sell me, allow me to sell myself. I am more that happy to tell you what I need to be sold. You need to listen and ask me the right questions. Which is the philosophy that I would use as I sell.

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